What is Apesa

APESA (association des parents d’éléves de la section Anglophone) serves as the parent association for the Anglophone section at the Lycée/Collège International Honoré de Balzac. APESA members are the parents of enrolled Anglophone section students.

APESA aims to build community among the British Section parents. APESA has over 100 member families. All members have access to the eGroup, a vital tool for intramember communication that also allows Anglophone section parents to remain up to date about school events. Members also have access to documentatipn prepared by the association - Bac results, post Bac studies (who went where to do what), past exam papers, information relating to the OIB within the new Baccalauréat in 2021, University/post bac studies fairs, tutor list etc....

Our Goals

  • Engage and coordinate our Parent community to support the needs of the Cité Scolaire de Honoré de Balzac, in particular the teachers who manage our British Section.
  • Address needs particular to the situation of students in the section in an affordable way, book purchases, boot camps, teams,trips, universities.  
  • Build community among Anglophone section parents whose children are in different years through social events, meetings and other opportunities.
  • Collaborate with other parent associations to enrich all student's experience.
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